i NanShan
Date: 2014-09-22

What Shenzhen Brings Me

  -----The early morning thinking

  “Perfect, Done! Going home!”

  After working for two days in a row without any sleep, finally I felt so contented. I packed up everything as fast as I can, stepped out my office humming an airy tune.

  Outside the office, dawn broke the darkness; the whole city was bathed in the misty early-morning shine. I looked up, as stars scattered in the grey sky, winked at me. Such a beautiful and peaceful city Shen Zhen is at the moment. Without noisy crowds bustling in every corner of the city; without a flow of traffic hustling at the crossroads; without screaming cars engulfing the peace, what I could see was streets as good as empty. One or two cleaning workers got started to work, while some early petty dealers were busy preparing for a new day. I immersed myself in the fresh air and tranquilization of the early morning.

  In the advertising industry, people say if you never seen the beauty of early morning or late night, you are not qualified as an adperson in. Having been in Shen Zhen for almost two years, I used to work during holidays and stayed up late for many times.

  My mind flashed back to the previous memories. As a non-Shenzhener, I enjoy my life here. I appreciate the possibility for all kinds of chances, the dynamic people, the pleasant international community, and the desire for success. But what exactly Shenzhen has brought me? I wondered many times. A busy job? New friends? Different lifestyle? Or something more important that makes me so proud to be part of the city?

  I was wondering again, but this time, I have already got the answer. What Shenzhen brings me? It changed my mindset; reshaped my perspectives on life, on work, on networking and self-value. The way I think and the way I live now is what I dreamed of many years ago. The turning point in my life here was the day I attended a language-exchange event in OCT. I met people from all over the world. I kept meeting new friends from other interesting activities, such as being a couch surfer, joining events like Shenzhen idea exchange, Shenzhen English Writers Circle, Shenzhen professional women’ happy hour, Shenzhen Heat-up English Group etc. My life became so colorful.

  I’ve got the chance to bond with people in various backgrounds, with whom I share thoughts and opportunities, exchange cultures, hang out for fun and also work together as volunteers. I do have a real life here apart from work.

  That’s what Shenzhen brings me, I think, a totally new life.

Yin Liuping