Citizens Travel Notes: 16 Bus Station has been Renamed at Nanshan
Date: 2014-10-11

       Report from our correspondent (reporter YanGongGuang). Recently, the Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality announced that 2014 annual name changeing of the bus stop station of shenzhen. As we knew, totally 125 bus stop was changed the name, or combined with site, or revocation of the site in this city, about 16 station in Nanshan district.

  At June 18, Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality released on its website “Bus stop name change proposal in 2014”. For the upcoming working, for nine days of the public about name changing, and extensively solicit public feedback.

  According to the reporter` inspection, totally 16 station was involved in Nanshan district. "Institute of Chinese academy of sciences"station hase been cancalled by standing too close after the merger, other 15 station were changed the name.